My favorite cartoon character of all time

My favorite cartoon character of all time
Russel - an epitome of conviviality

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ode to Cecilia

Rem, Adel, Cecil and Au circa 2004
Cecile at our high school reunion giving a speech on being a cancer survivor 2009
Finding out that Cecile, one of my  best friends succumbed to cancer  while perusing the news feeds on my Facebook account last Black Saturday, seems surreal to me.  I am more of a visual person, hardly taking note of the written postings, more interested on photos and inane you tube cat  videos.  When I came across the condolences at her  sister's page,  I was reading  but not really comprehending what those words meant. Realization hit me and I started mourning her death with copious tears.

We went to the same school in elementary and high school but  only became very close when we attended a community college, hooked up with 2 other girls Au and Rem.  I never imagined that it will be the start of fun friendship that anyone would wish they could have on their transition to adulthood. 

We connived on lying about our age when we applied for a job as a Salesclerk, chose the same University to pursue our college degree and proudly declaring to everyone that we were working student.  We had a brutal schedule, class from 7 to 11 in the morning, commute in an hour on a bus that even a lizard would suffocate during noon rush hour traffic to go to work for an 8 hour marathon of standing and hoping our supervisor will not catch us doing our class assignments.

We would stuff our selves with candies to ease the hunger,  for lunch would be a 15 minute break at around 3 in the afternoon.  Despite the time constraint, Cecile will always put on  her makeup to perfection that even up to now I can not duplicate.  But that schedule did not stop us for having fun that even a professional student with money  and the time to boot would envy.  Now I wonder where we got the energy to pursue these hustles but sure we did it,  ahh the vagaries of youth.  

These are some of the perky and crazy  things that Cecile and I did all those 5 years while working and studying:

 ... watched 4 movies in one day in Quad Theater, after which our eyes were red as a vampire 
....watched  movie with boiled corn, green mango and bagoong (fermented shrimp paste)  as a snacks, stinking the movie house, and  movie goers shouting at us if we can be kind enough to share our malodorous food.
....she taught me how to read the traffic light so that I can cross  Ayala and Makati Avenue safely when going to work. I thought they were just there for decoration.
.... going on a date with nice Taiwanese tourists on Nayong Pilipino  with bad teeth from too much smoking (I guess)
.... taking a trip to Pansol, Laguna by a bus as slow as a pregnant slug that we reached the resort by noon, ate our packed lunch of longanisa and rice, swam for an hour or so then went back to the bus station for the trip back home
....have a beach party on a stormy and windy day in Cavite, ending up eating our food with sand on it
....enjoyed disco dancing in La Cueva (it was located in the now Greenbelt Park) after getting off work at 8 in the evening till the 3 in the morning , get up 7, attend class and do the same stunt the next day
....screaming at the top of our lungs when power  goes out in our work and ask later on who are  those crazy ladies that screams like  banshees
.....devouring mega-serving of spaghetti cooked by my sister as if there were no tomorrow

Cecile you would be sadly missed but will never be forgotten.......... 



Fifty Three And Counting

Fifty Three and Counting 


 Birthdays are always fun no matter what age and status in life you are in.  I celebrated mine with an early chat  with Gina, a mammography technologist, We had a discourse on  the weird weather in St. Louis, the Hobbit movie which should be watched in 3D to fathom  the slyness of Gollum and what I should do the rest of the day. 

Yes, I had my annual date with  my own version of Terminator , the GE Senograph Machine and Gina was my Arnold Schwarzenegger (before the infidelity scandal) . Having born with a small but very dense breast, more often  my breasts would be  scrunched  by the unforgiving paddle more than twice for better image. I will dread the day when some Facebook people would start posting their mammography x-ray film on their timeline just to compensate for pain.

Now I have to wait for the result from the beast, oops Dr. Biest. Yes, I have a male gynecologist and his name is Dr. Biest. An acquaintance of mine questioned why I shifted from an Asian Indian female gynecologist  to an American male gynecologist , especially in a very delicate matter concerning my private parts.  I thought that a female  physician would fully understand a woman's problem but in my case, I was wrong . 

I am perfectly comfortable with the Biest, who can better figure out a woman but a man!  And besides this practitioner had been in this business for 22 years, can you imagine how many vaginas he has examined and seen. Unless he has eidetic memory, he can probably associate the face of his patient when he sees her on a mall trying on 14- inch stiletto shoes with her vajayjay (ala Oprah) would look at that time.  

Moving on with my birthday celebration, my husband took me to an Indian buffet at Mayuri, specializing in South-North Indian cuisine. My mouth was on fire during the whole time we were eating and the continuous audible discharge of intestinal gas (okay- it means fart) was still pestering me till late  evening.  Blame it on rogan josh, gajar halwa and kheer.

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